Window Cleaning Tips

As the leaves begin to fall many of us are motivated to tackle household tasks. As a matter of fact, just before the snow flies is an ideal time to clean debris from windows and screens.  Debris removal helps to ensure tight seals so that cold air remains outside. Furthermore, it is easier to access your windows for proper cleaning when the weather is nice rather than battling snow and ice.

New replacement windows are a DREAM to clean compared to the windows of yesteryear.  New windows are specifically designed to accommodate cleaning tasks with ease.  Many window styles even allow for indoor access and cleaning.  Regardless, it is a good idea to give your windows a nice cleaning from the exterior and interior at least once per year…. preferably more!

Looking in from the Outside: Tips for Cleaning Window Exteriors

Pollen, spider webs and everyday dirt and grime can make your windows look dirty and dated! Here are tips to keep your windows beautifully clean.

Tip 1: Remove screens

Using your method of choice, clean your screens!  Some homeowners prefer to use a vacuum attachment while others prefer the hose and water method.  Either way, it is much easier to clean and dry multiple screens at once then one by one. Pull all of the screens from your home, place them together and clean gently!

Tip 2: Clean around first

It is preferable to remove heavy film, bugs and cobwebs from your window frames and sills first.  Use a Swiffer, vacuum or rags, whatever you prefer.  This is also a good time to repair any exterior window situations resulting from insects, birds or weather.

Tip 3: Clean the glass

Use a lint free rag and clean, clean, clean! Be sure to have back up rags – The exteriors are likely to be very dirty!

Tips for Cleaning Inside:

Just as the natural outdoor elements can dirty a window’s exterior, indoor habits can dirty the interior of the window much the same!  Cooking, fireplace soot, smoke and more can produce very dirty windows!  Since the screens have now been removed, it should be easy!

Tip 1: Clean Sills and Frames

Get rid of any gunk deposit that has built up over the year – Wipe down the full interior frame, and be sure to get all cracks and crevices.

Tip 2: Make the Glass Sparkle

Now it’s time to shine! Clean your interior glass using a lint free rag and solution of choice.

Replace all screens once finished and voila, your windows should be sparkling clean!

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