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Bay Bow Windows
Bay Bow Windows
Bay Bow Windows
Bay Bow Windows
Bay Bow Windows
Bay Bow Windows

Bay, Bow and Garden Windows

Customers Rave About Our Bay & Bow Windows

If you’re thinking about replacement bay windows or bow windows, the experts at Empire Window Company will make the selection process enjoyable and easy! Our stress-free in-home window consultation enables you to browse a large variety of options, and discuss your unique needs and preferences. Empire Window Company customers continue to rave about the gorgeous bay, bow and garden windows installed in their homes. You’ll love them too!

Dramatically Increase Your Home’s Natural Lighting with a Bay Window, Bow Window or a Lovely Garden Window

Empire Window Company’s amazing selection of bow and bay windows enables us to provide a wide variety of styles and designs to compliment your unique home’s décor. Select a bay window which offers three windows, or a bow window which offers four windows or more. Both bay and bow window designs dramatically increase the natural light in any room, and will beautifully transform your room’s appearance to create a true focal point, both inside and out. Bay and bow windows are great for adding space to any room because the windows project out from the exterior wall.

Top of the Line Construction in Every Bay, Bow, and Garden Window

In addition to the beauty of bay and bow windows, you’ll enjoy the best in energy efficiency and top of the line construction. The return on your investment will be truly incredible, and your exceptional windows will last for decades to come!

The solid frames on all of our replacement bow and bay windows are weather resistant, and will not crack or peel. Interior trim and seat board designs are available in a variety of color options, and built strong to withstand everyday use. Combine this with our expert installation teams, and your windows will last for years to come.

Transform Your Home’s Architectural Design

Incorporating a bay or bow window architectural element to your home will truly transform the overall architectural design, both outside and in. Your curb appeal will be the envy of all of your neighbors! If you’re interested in learning more about our bay and bow window options, call us today, or complete our quick online form to schedule a free in-home consultation! Bay and bow windows can be suitable for any home style, from contemporary homes to more traditional.

Why a Bay Window is a Great Option for Your Home

Bay windows are a classic architectural element that can transform the look and feel of any home. Composed of three or more windows, typically a large picture window flanked by two smaller windows, bay windows extend outward from the main structure, creating a recessed area inside the room. This unique design element not only adds space visually, but also introduces more light and panoramic views.

Quality of Construction of Bay Windows

Our bay windows are crafted from premium raw materials. Vinyl frames and sashes will never chip, peel, warp or crack. Furthermore, the vinyl color is formulated throughout the window. High-quality construction ensures longevity and resistance to the elements.

Bay Window Features

Bay windows can be equipped with various features, including built-in seating or storage, making them functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, you’ll have the option to choose fixed, casement windows, or double hung windows for the three individual window units.

Energy Efficiency

Bay windows are energy-efficient when constructed with high-quality materials and proper insulation. The multi-pane configuration and the possibility of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass provide excellent insulation properties, reducing heat transfer and increasing energy efficiency. Empire Window Company offers a ClimaTech® insulated glass package, with Low E-Glass and PPG Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System®.

Complementary Casement or Double Hung Windows

Bay windows can be combined with casement or double hung windows to create a visually appealing and functional arrangement. This combination allows for improved ventilation, added space and increased natural light while maintaining the architectural harmony of the home. Bay windows are the perfect choice for any style home.

Bow Windows

Bow windows, which are similar to bay windows, provide a charming addition to any residence. Comprising four or more equally sized windows, bow windows gracefully curve outward, creating a gentle arc that adds elegance and character to the home’s interior and exterior. A bow window serves as a stunning feature for the exterior of any home.

Bow Window Construction Quality

Empire Window Company’s bow windows are constructed with the same durable materials as bay windows, ensuring their long-lasting performance and resistance to weather conditions. The extruded vinyl frame and sashes are designed to increase energy efficiency. The multi-channel design enables even more insulation between window units.

  • 1 1/4 inch furniture-grade veneer

  • 3 inch pre-insulated seatboard option

  • Head and seatboard are available in birch or oak veneer finishes which can be painted or stained.

  • The adjustable turn-buckle cable hanging system is designed to eliminate sagging or bowing.

Bow Window Features

Just like bay windows, bow windows can be customized with features such as seating or storage, amplifying their functionality and appeal – a perfect spot for a reading nook. The individual windows can be casement or double hung windows, providing flexibility in ventilation and style.

Energy Efficiency

With proper insulation and the use of energy-efficient materials, bow windows can enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Multiple panes and Low-E glass options help to reduce energy loss and maintain a comfortable indoor environment all year long.

Complementary Windows

Bow windows can seamlessly complement double hung or casement windows, providing a harmonious look. The combination of different window styles allows homeowners to create unique visual compositions to the home’s exterior and interior.

Bay windows and bow windows are architectural features that can significantly enhance the beauty of a home and create extra space Their quality construction, functional features, energy efficiency, and compatibility with casement windows or double hung windows make them versatile and appealing options. Additionally, the wide range of color options, including woodgrain finishes, allows homeowners to personalize their windows to create a cohesive and visually stunning exterior. Whether you prefer the classic charm of neutral tones or the bold statement of vibrant hues, bay windows and bow windows provide an opportunity to transform your home’s appearance and create a warm, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Colors and Finish Options for Bay and Bow Windows

Interior finishes include: White and beige. Also available are woodgrains in White, Soft Maple, Rich Maple, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Foxwood and Cherry.

Exterior colors: White and beige, with special finishes in Architectural Bronze, Hudson Khaki, Desert Clay, English Red, Forest Green, American Terra and Castle Gray

Garden Windows

Bring the outdoors in with a beautiful garden window from Empire Window Company! All garden windows are guaranteed not to chip, peel or blister, and will never need to be scraped or painted!

Garden Window Features

  • Fully welded mainframe

  • Tempered top sloped insulating glass panel

  • 17 inch seatboard

  • Multi-point locking system for added security

  • 1 inch insulated glass provides all weather protection

  • Adjustable 1/2 inch thick glass shelf comes standard

Garden Window Colors

Garden windows are available in white and beige or with a light oak interior and white exterior.

ClimaTech Insulated Glass Options: Enhancing Energy Efficiency

In addition to the design and color choices available for bay and bow windows, homeowners can further enhance the energy efficiency of their windows by selecting ClimaTech insulated glass options. ClimaTech® is a specialized glass technology that offers superior insulation and helps to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home environment.

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