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French-Style Patio Door

Empire Window Company, is known throughout NE Ohio for our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and design. We are proud to offer our customers Promenade French-Style Sliding Patio Doors that are durable, stylish, energy-efficient and perfect for any home style.

Same Beauty as Traditional French Patio Doors Without Taking Up Floor Space

Promenade French-Style Sliding Patio Doors are masterfully constructed, embodying a perfect blend of form and function, reminiscent of the elegance of traditional wood French doors but infused with the convenience of modern design. While French patio doors swing open and require additional space for operation, our French-style sliding doors offer the same aesthetic appeal without occupying extra floor space. The design is particularly beneficial for compact spaces, facilitating effortless movement between indoor and outdoor areas.

Every Door Is Top Quality Constructed

The heart of these sliding patio doors lies in their construction. They feature 5″ top rails, 7″ bottom rails, and 3″ side rails, proportions that perfectly mimic the beautiful symmetry and wide viewing area of traditional French doors. The thick, sturdy rails provide not only a robust structure but also contribute to the overall design and style, enhancing the French door aesthetic.

However, the beauty of the patio door goes beyond its elegant design. Empire Window Company prioritizes energy efficiency and has chosen to equip these French doors with Energy Star-qualified ClimaTech insulated glass packages. This innovative technology offers excellent thermal performance, helping homeowners save on energy bills by reducing heat transfer and improving insulation. Simultaneously, this glass filters harmful UV rays, preventing furniture and fabrics from fading, thereby adding to the long-term value of the home. The natural light that enters the room through the door is simply beautiful.

Customizable Options for Your Patio Door

Another prominent feature of these stunning patio doors is the range of available customizable options. We offer a myriad of frame finishes that can be tailored to complement any home décor. From white, beige, clay, black, bronze and more, to an array of rich, architectural colors and realistic woodgrains. You will have no problem finding the perfect finish to suit your individual aesthetic preferences.

Variety of Elegant Door Handles, Perfect for Your Sliding French Patio Door

The door handle styles also offer an added layer of personalization. Empire Window Company offers a wide range of durable, ergonomically-designed handles with the option of keylocks for extra security. Handles for interior doors are available in white, beige, clay, chrome, brushed chrome, brass and antique brass, ensuring the overall look and feel of the door align with the design of your home. The door’s exterior can be be outfitted with a beautiful handle that coordinates with your home’s exterior style.

Decorative Grid Options

Moreover, our French-style sliding patio doors can be styled with decorative interior grids that provide an added level of design sophistication. The grids are available in a variety of patterns that range from colonial to prairie and diamond styles. They are placed between the panes of insulated glass, making them very low maintenance and easy to clean.

Polished V-Grooved Cut Glass

Patio doors can also be constructed with cut glass options. Our exclusive collection of cut glass imparts an added layer of aesthetic appeal and elegance, giving the doors a distinctive look. From the Colonial design or the Prairie cut glass, each design option contributes a unique touch to the doors, making them a statement piece in any home.

Empire Window Company’s decision to offer Promenade French-style sliding patio doors to our customers is fueled by the product’s combination of practicality and style. The doors promise durability, energy efficiency, and customizable aesthetic appeal, all while embodying the traditional elegance of French doors with a space-saving sliding design. The sophisticated construction, Energy Star qualified ClimaTech insulated glass packages, customizable finishes, handle styles, decorative interior grids, and cut glass options collectively make these patio doors a smart and stylish addition to any home.

There are a few more aspects that warrant attention when considering the merits of French-Style Sliding Patio Doors.

One remarkable feature is the robust construction, incorporating an innovative multi-chambered design for increased insulation and structural integrity. This feature contributes to the doors’ remarkable durability, ensuring they can withstand the tests of time and weather. Furthermore, they feature a dual internal/external weather stripping system on the sash and frame, enhancing thermal efficiency and providing a superior barrier against wind and water infiltration.

The French patio doors are also equipped with a heavy-duty fiberglass screen, accompanied by an ultra-smooth rolling action that allows for easy and quiet operation. This feature ensures you will enjoy an unrestricted view and connection with your backyard without having to worry about insects or debris entering your home.

Additional Features

Some additional features that make these exterior French doors stand out include a dual-point locking system, providing an added layer of security, and a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum sill track, which significantly contributes to the doors’ longevity and functionality.

As for installation, these patio doors are designed with the Precision Fit system, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless installation process. This allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of their new patio doors promptly and without hassle.

Amazing Customer Service Provided By Empire Window Company

Providing exceptional customer service is our number one priority. From the initial consultation, through ordering, installation, and any after-sale inquiries, our customers can expect prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable assistance.

If you are looking to replace your patio door, the elegant, timeless design, remarkable energy efficiency, robust construction, and the multitude of customizable features, makes the French-style sliding patio doors an undeniable value to homeowners. Empire Window Company is pleased to offer these cost effective doors because they align with our own commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction. The inclusion of these doors in our product offering, reaffirms our dedication to offering premium, durable, and stylish home improvement options to our customers.

Sophisticated Structural Features

These stunning sliding patio doors incorporate a number of sophisticated structural features designed to enhance their durability and ease of use. The doors come with adjustable 1-1/2″ tandem rollers, ensuring a smooth and effortless sliding motion. The sash is designed to interlock for added security and increased thermal performance. Additionally, a recessed pull and lift handle has been included in the screen door design, further contributing to the ease of operation and the overall sleek appearance.

Moreover, these French patio doors offer a unique mainframe design that provides unparalleled thermal efficiency. They feature a fully insulated frame and sash, including a comfort-foam frame, designed to improve insulating properties and reduce heat transfer. The insulating glass unit features a warm-edge spacer system that helps maintain the optimal distance between the panes and reduces the potential for condensation.

For those homeowners particularly interested in environmental sustainability, our sliding French patio doors stand out for their environmentally-friendly features. As Energy Star-qualified doors, they’re designed to minimize energy consumption, thereby reducing the household’s carbon footprint. Moreover, the materials used in their construction are recyclable, further contributing to their eco-friendliness.

Empire Window Company’s decision to offer these patio doors also underscores our commitment to providing products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Promenade French-Style Sliding Patio Doors adhere to the stringent requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This ensures that our customers are investing in a product that’s not just visually appealing and functional but also rigorously tested and certified.

If you are looking to create style, more light, easy access to the outside, fresh air through improved ventilation, these doors are perfect for you. Promenade French-Style Sliding Patio Doors truly redefine the standards of patio door excellence.

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