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Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding is a popular choice among homeowners for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and minimal maintenance requirements. It brings the charm of traditional cedar shakes without the concerns associated with the upkeep of wood. Empire Window Company offers our customers the finest quality products, expertly designed to recreate the beauty of natural cedar.

A Closer Look

Empire Window Company siding delivers vinyl shingles and shake siding expertly designed to recreate the beauty of natural cedar. Its high-quality exterior finishing materials accurately mimic the aesthetic and texture of real cedar. Known for its durability and authentic appearance, it offers superior performance compared to its wooden counterparts. Combined with Empire Window Company’s expert installation team, the exterior of your home will be beautiful and low maintenance for many years to come!

8 Stunning Siding Styles

8 classic styles that perfectly replicate natural wood. These styles range from traditional shakes to sawmill shingles, each style contributing its own unique character to any home’s façade.

TrueTexture Finish

The TrueTexture finish is molded from real cedar shingles, bringing a level of authenticity to this siding that is unparalleled in the market. This finish enhances the visual appeal of the vinyl siding..

Rustic Charm of Rough-Split Shakes

Rough-split shakes have a timeless, rustic charm providing homeowners the opportunity to add a touch of rustic elegance to their homes. This siding not only offers long-lasting beauty and low maintenance, it delivers amazing curb appeal! The varied patterns and rich color blends of shake siding give homes an attractive, high-end look.

The Unique Character of Sawmill Shingles

Sawmill shingles bring a distinct character to a home’s exterior. Sawmill shingles replicate natural wood with precision, offering a unique, authentic texture that’s irresistible to the eye.

Quality Assurance

Each shingle is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in replicating the natural characteristics of real cedar wood.

Perfection Shingles

Perfection Shingles are one of our unique offerings. These shingles are designed to mirror the appearance of straight-edge cedar, and come with the following specifications: They are available in two lengths, 5″ and 7″, with a typical thickness of 0.090″. They are resistant to wind speeds of up to 200 mph and are virtually maintenance-free.

Vinyl Cedar vs Real Cedar Shingles

When comparing vinyl shingles with real cedar shingles, vinyl comes out on top in several key areas. Not only are they more resistant to the elements, but they also require far less maintenance than their wood counterparts. Furthermore, a notable advantage over real cedar in their resistance to environmental stressors. They do not warp, crack, or split due to weather changes, and they are also resistant to mold and insect damage.

Vinyl shake siding does not need to be treated, painted, or stained regularly, which saves homeowners time, effort and cost.

The Choice of Today’s Homeowners

Our shake siding options are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. They offer the beauty, texture, and charm of real wood, without the high maintenance and durability issues. Whether it’s the rustic charm of rough-split shakes or the distinct character of sawmill shingles, we can help create a beautiful, long-lasting exterior for any home.

Empire Window Company offers homeowners the best of both worlds – the beauty and charm of real cedar, and the durability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness of vinyl siding. It’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are turning to Empire Window Company for their exterior home improvement needs.

Northwoods Vinyl Shake and Shingle Siding

Northwoods Vinyl Shake and Shingle Siding is another line of premium products that beautifully emulate the look of milled cedar siding. The realism achieved by this line is often unmatched by other vinyl sidings available in the market.

Authentic Look of Milled Cedar Siding

The Northwoods line is specially crafted to capture the authentic appearance of milled cedar siding. Every detail, from the grain patterns to the hue variations, is expertly replicated to provide an exterior that mirrors the appearance of real cedar.

Northwoods Styles and Colors

Northwoods offers three distinctive styles: Single 7″ Straight Edge Rough-Split Shakes, Single 9″ Staggered Edge Rough-Split Shakes, and Double 4-1/2″ x 6-1/4″ Half-Round Shingles. Each style brings a unique aesthetic and can be paired with one of the 20 available colors to further personalize your home’s exterior.

Low Maintenance and Durability of Northwoods

One of the main advantages of Northwoods is its low-maintenance nature. Unlike real wood, it doesn’t require painting, staining, or regular sealing to retain its beauty. Made from durable vinyl, Northwoods is also resistant to common issues that plague wood, such as rotting, warping, and insect infestations.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Northwoods offers long-lasting beauty thanks to its advanced material composition. The high-quality vinyl used in its manufacture ensures it remains vibrant and retains its structural integrity for years to come, even in the face of harsh weather conditions.

Northwoods Shake Siding vs Real Wood

Northwoods shake siding boasts several advantages over real wood. It is more durable, requires less maintenance, and retains its aesthetic appeal longer. These benefits, coupled with its authentic look, make it a superior choice for many homeowners.

Class A Flame Spread Classification Keeps Your Home Safe

An important feature of Northwoods siding is its Class A Flame Spread Classification. This means that in the event of a fire, Northwoods siding is less likely to contribute to the spread of flames compared to other materials, enhancing the safety of your home.

Empire Window Company Vinyl Shake Siding Advantages

Empire Window Company offers shake vinyl siding to our customers because of the numerous advantages these products offer. The exceptional durability, aesthetic appeal, low-maintenance nature, and safety features align with Empire Window Company’s commitment to providing our customers with top-quality, reliable, and safe home improvement solutions.

The Value of Northwoods Vinyl Siding

Northwoods Vinyl Shake and Shingle Siding offers an unparalleled combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, safety, and low maintenance. It captures the authentic look of milled cedar shake siding in its three distinctive styles and wide range of colors, making it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to enhance their property’s exterior without the challenges associated with real wood. It’s clear why Northwoods stands out in the siding market.

Introduction to Architectural Classics Vinyl Shake Siding

Architectural Classics Vinyl Shake Siding represents a perfect blend of easy care, elegance, classic simplicity, and ageless craftsmanship. These vinyl shake sidings capture the authentic look of cedar without the associated maintenance and durability concerns.

Architectural Classics Collection

The Architectural Classics Collection offers four distinctive profiles and a range of textures. These options make it possible for homeowners to create a customized look that captures the timeless appeal of cedar shakes and shingles.

Architectural Shakes

The Architectural Shakes mimic the rich grain of hand-split cedar. The texture is consistently carried through to the bottom of each shake, enhancing the overall authenticity and creating an aesthetic that’s truly reminiscent of natural cedar.

Staggered Shakes

The Staggered Shakes in the Architectural Classics Collection add a rustic charm to any home. They feature uneven patterns and rough-sawn edges that are carefully handcrafted by artisan mold makers to replicate the natural beauty of cedar. The staggered bottom edges of these shakes echo the craftsmanship of the early settlers to the U.S., bringing a touch of history and classic appeal to modern homes.

Perfection Shingles

Once known as Seaside Style, our Architectural Perfection Shingles offer the perfect balance between the deep texture of shakes and the clean lines of shingles. Available in a 7″ exposure, these shingles bring a unique, visually appealing dimension to the exterior of any home.

True Representation of Cedar’s Natural Grain

Architectural shake siding is a true representation of cedar’s natural grain. Each piece is designed to capture the authentic look and texture of cedar, making it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking the charm of real wood without the associated challenges.

Value-Added Energy Savings

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Architectural Classics Vinyl Shake Siding also offers value-added energy savings. Its insulative properties help reduce heat loss during the colder months and prevent heat gain during the warmer ones, promoting energy efficiency in homes.

Empire Window Company and Architectural Classics

Empire Window Company takes pride in offering Architectural Classics Vinyl Shake and Shingle siding to our customers. The blend of aesthetic appeal, durability, and energy efficiency aligns with Empire Window Company’s commitment to providing stunning, top-quality, value-added solutions to our customers.

The Appeal of Architectural Classics Vinyl Shake Siding

Architectural Classics Vinyl Shake Siding offers homeowners a unique blend of elegance, simplicity, and durability. From the rustic charm of Staggered Shakes to the balanced aesthetics of Perfection Shingles, this collection truly offers the look of real cedar without the headaches. Coupled with the added benefit of energy savings, it continues to stand as an excellent choice for homeowners seeking an ideal exterior finish for their homes.

Ultra-Premium Shake Siding

Ultra-Premium Shake Siding offers a perfect balance of grace and strength. These unique shake sidings offer a level of elegance and durability that sets them apart in the industry.

Design Flexibility and Superior Look

The shakes in the Ultra-Premium line are produced in a single row, allowing for maximum design flexibility. In addition, they feature extended length panels that contribute to a superior finished look.

Authentic Cedar Reproductions

Ultra-Premium Shake Siding features four authentic cedar reproductions, each one carefully designed by artisans and engineers to guarantee a handmade appearance. This attention to detail enhances the aesthetic appeal of the siding and ensures a natural-looking finish.

Durable Polymer Construction

Constructed from durable polymer, these shakes are designed to withstand the test of time. This construction guarantees that the shakes won’t crack, warp, rot, or split. Moreover, the polymer material eliminates the need for painting, providing homeowners with a maintenance-free solution.

Advanced Technological Features

Ultra-Premium Shake Siding features several advanced technological features. These include a continuous panel lock for enhanced stability, self-aligning nail slots for ease of installation, and a self-concealing seam lock that contributes to the overall aesthetic of the siding.

Season 4 and Gale Force 5 Technologies

Season 4 technology ensures the shakes’ performance in all types of weather, while Gale Force 5 technology guarantees their resilience in extreme conditions. In fact, this shake siding was tested and remained secure even in Category 5 hurricane-velocity winds.

Eco-friendly Choice

Our shake siding is not just stunning, it’s also an eco-friendly choice. The production process has less impact on the environment compared to traditional wood siding manufacturing, and the long lifespan of the shakes reduces the need for replacement, thereby reducing waste.

Beautiful and Practical Home Siding

Ultra-Premium Shake Siding offers homeowners a blend of beauty, natural charm and practicality. Its authentic cedar look, durability, and ease of maintenance make it an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance the exterior of their house. The added benefits of eco-friendliness and extreme weather resistance further enhance its appeal.

The Value of Ultra-Premium Shake Siding

Ultra-Premium Shake Siding offers a unique combination of aesthetics, durability, and technology. Its authentic cedar reproductions, durable polymer construction, and advanced features such as Season 4 and Gale Force 5 technologies make it a superior choice for homeowners seeking both aesthetic appeal and durability. The eco-friendliness of the shakes adds another level of value, making these a fantastic option for homeowners who are environmentally conscious.

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