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Incorporating fascia on the outside of your home not only adds a finishing touch to your siding and soffits, but also protects your home from weather and pests for years to come. Fascia is the vertical or horizontal area that finishes and secures the ends of trusses, rafters, rake boards, belt lines or where gutters secure to your home.

Select fascia colors to match your soffits, gutters and siding, or design a stunning complimentary look. Fascia is resistant to UV rays and can withstand harsh weather with ease making it a great feature for NE Ohio homes. Your fascia will stay virtually maintenance free for years to come.  Our meticulous installation will help deter the possibility of moisture buildup, or the burrowing of birds and pests. During our wet and cold weather seasons, fascia can be the difference between expensive repairs and remediation versus comfort and peace of mind! Fascia helps to prevent water from getting in/under and thus prevents potential rotting or damage.

The experts at the Empire Window Company have tremendous experience helping Northeast Ohio customers plan, design and install siding, trim and accessories. Our design and planning teams will assist you in selecting every detail that fits your home’s unique style and budget! Get started today and schedule your FREE in home consultation.

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