Benefits of New Windows during a Heat Wave

The Northeast Ohio summer weather has been HOT HOT HOT! There are some great benefits to replacing your windows during the hot weather months.

Stay Cool with Great Air Flow

Before you kick that AC on for the hot days, replacement windows that produce excellent air flow are perfect for those beautiful, hot summer days and nights. New windows with ample screens and proper opening capabilities can make a huge difference in the airflow of your home. Fresh air will bring down the indoor temperatures and let you enjoy these short few months we call summer!

Energy Efficiency

Once it’s time to kick that AC on, you want to keep that cold air in! New replacement windows are a great solution! Replacing old drafty windows will ensure that your AC chilled air stays in doors where it belongs, and that hot summer weather stays out.

Replace your windows to enjoy all of the benefits that new window construction designs offer – Including energy efficient glass, frames and of course, proper installation.

Proper Installation

Speaking of installation, replacing old windows properly can have a huge impact on how your windows will function! Old windows and frames can let unwanted air in and out, Some old or poorly installed new windows may even let pests inside seeking respite from the outdoor temperatures.

UV Rays

The hot summer UV rays can significantly raise the temperature in your home and thus fight against the AC – Old windows just don’t cut it! New replacement windows are an excellent solution, featuring energy efficient glass that works to block UV rays. Not only does this reduce the rising temps, but it can also protect your floors, furniture and more.

Make a great investment this summer with new replacement windows! With up to an 85% return on investment, replacing your windows is a great contribution to any home.

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