April Showers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

It’s spring, the season of renewal. Sure, it might be raining now, but all of that moisture just means the grass will be greener and the flowers will bloom faster. It’s also the best time of year to begin thinking about your home improvement projects, such as those that pertain to your windows, siding and gutters. Winter may have taken a toll on them without your knowledge. After all, no one wants to head outside to check their windows or siding when there’s snow on the ground.

Repair or Replace Your Windows

What condition are your windows in? You might not see things like leaky seals or water damage when it’s very cold outside. Once things begin to thaw and those spring rains begin, you’ll definitely notice any issues with the windows on your house. Take the time to examine both the interior and exterior of them to see if there is any warping around the window frames. Open and close your windows to ensure they move smoothly. You may also notice some of your windows are beginning to fog up on the inside. This is the sign of a broken seal. All of these indicate your windows need to be either repaired or replaced.

Look For Pools of Water in Your Yard

In addition to checking the condition of your windows, you should look for pools of water in areas of your yard that are close to your house. These are signs that you might have a drainage issue. Either your gutters are clogged (which happens more often than you think) or they have breaks in them where the individual pieces of each gutter are beginning to separate. Pools of water are problematic in more ways than one, especially since they make great breeding areas for mosquitoes.

Make Sure Your Roof is in Good Shape

Finally, while you’re outside checking your yard and examining your windows, siding and gutters, take a peek at the roof of your home. Winter weather conditions can damage your shingles. High winds can knock entire sections of them down. If there was a crack or space between some of the shingles, ice can penetrate and expand, causing additional damage. You wouldn’t notice this damage in the winter, due to the ice and snow on your roof, but you’ll definitely see it in the spring once everything has thawed.

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