5 Fall Chores to Tackle While the Weather is Gorgeous

Autumn is here, and with the golden leaves and crisp air come all the outdoor tasks you’ve been putting off all summer, just waiting for the perfect day. Don’t delay on these important duties, tackle them now while the weather is just right!

Gutter Talk

Now is the right time to break out the extension ladder, angled brushes, and trusty pressure washer, and go to work cleaning out those gutters! Most of fall’s leaves have already dropped for the year, so knock this project out now, and don’t need to worry about it during the winter.

Fall Cleaning

Spring is traditionally the season of cleaning and renewal, but it doesn’t hurt to get an early start! Take this time to clean up all the windows and screens so you can sit in your favorite chair and watch the weather change, instead of having to participate in it. If there are any repairs you’ve been setting aside, especially insulation or sealing, get it done now and keep the great outdoors from coming in!

Pushing Daisies

With winter just around the corner, you’ll want to set aside time to finish up in your yard and garden. Certain plants need special treatment to survive the season, some flower pots need to be relocated indoors, and all those leaves you knocked out of the gutter need to be raked up and composted before first snowfall buries them to rot.

Patio Proofing

On the subject of rot, now is the time to clean, arrange, and store all your patio furniture and yard decorations, before the wintry damp can get to them. Use this time to make sure that anything not weather-proofed or easily secured gets put away, so you can bring them out next spring and continue using them. If you have a pool, make sure to shut it down, drain it, and cover it early (unless you’re planning on a Christmas swim, of course!)

Storage Space

After you’ve moved everything into storage, you’re probably noticing a lot more clutter than there was before. Time to clean them out! You won’t have many more comfortable days to spend out in the garage or your workshop, so get everything cleaned up, organized, and prepped for next year. As a bonus, if you do need anything during the winter you won’t have to bundle up for a scavenger hunt, since you’ll know exactly where it is. Otherwise, you’ll have a tidy space ready for your return next spring!

Living in Ohio can be a fairy tale – but often, the book is Goldilocks. Our summers are too muggy, winters too freezing, but fall is just right! Use this beautiful weather as your opportunity to get these five chores completed during our perfect season, and if you need help replacing or repairing your windows before winter comes, just give us a call!