Replacement Window Trends

Are you ready for some replacement windows? If so, then you need to know about the latest window trends. Today’s replacement windows will not only improve the look of your home from a design perspective, they will improve your home’s energy efficiency!  Additionally, replacement windows will make your home look completely updated. No matter how old your home may be  the following trends might work perfectly for you!

Large Open Sliders

Large, sliding windows have become an extremely popular choice for replacement windows. Slider windows are typically larger in size and open from side to side rather than up and down. Some sliders include built-in screens, which help to keep out annoying insects and debris.  Depending on your unique preferences, screens are optional. If you have space that will accommodate a large window, sliders are a perfect choice!  The over-sized sliding window will definitely deliver a comfortable breeze. Furthermore, sliding windows are well suited for any just about every area of your home..

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows deliver a stylish, commercial look. As the name suggests, fixed windows do not open, but are large in size. As such, fixed windows provide a lot of light, so they are great if your home’s exposure delivers a dark interior for most of the day. Fixed windows, also known as static windows, serve this very important purpose in areas of the home that lack natural light. Fixed windows are a great option for lower levels that need help with natural lighting while offering additional security since the windows cannot open. Furthermore, they are one of the hottest trends at the moment.

Black Frames

Another trendy style features black window frames.  Black frames deliver a bold, clean look to any home!  Additionally, black frames draw attention to your windows and elevate the look of your home. Currently, many homes have white or off-white frames, as they tend to match just about every color of siding or brick. The downside is that white frames show a lot of dirt. Visible dirt is nearly impossible to detect with black frames. Black window frames lend an air of sophistication and beauty to any home!

Truly, quality windows and installation stand the test of time!  Contact the experienced professionals here at Empire Window Company to discuss your window replacement needs!