Indoor Air Chill

A Chill in the Air


Winter’s cold temperatures are often the catalyst for purchasing new windows. No matter how warm the thermostat is set, or how many blankets are used, or how well insulated the home is, cold air drafts are hard to ignore.

Older, drafty windows can adversely impact a home’s indoor air temperature, heating bills and overall comfort level. If it seems you just can’t get warm this winter, it’s time to make the call to Empire Window Company!

Drafts and Leaks

Drafts and leaks typically occur when window seals are worn.  As a result, windows will not close properly allowing air and water to enter.  If you see signs of water, clouding or feel moving air near the window, it’s time to replace it. Not only are old, drafty windows letting cold air in, but they also let the warm inside air escape!

Cooler Temperatures Near Windows

Slightly more subtle, but no less uncomfortable, are colder air temperatures near your windows. If you are sitting or standing near a window and can feel a noticeable difference in air temperature, it’s time to think about getting new windows.

Window design technology today incorporates more features than ever before, including some of the most energy efficient glass options available. Old windows just simply can’t keep the cold air out, where as today’s windows and insulated glass can drastically stop cold air from coming through.

Warm, Gorgeous New Windows

If your windows are due for an upgrade, schedule your free, no pressure sales consultation today. You’ll be amazed at the impact your new windows will have both inside and out! Say goodbye to heavy blankets, extra layers of clothes and expensive heating bills- and say HELLO to cozy winters and stunning new windows!

Empire Window Company has proudly served customers in Northeast Ohio for almost 60 years. Schedule your free consultation today, and explore our extensive line of beautiful replacement windows, siding and doors – all within your budget!

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