Energy Efficient Windows and AC

It is common to consider the installation of energy efficient windows during the cold winter months to keep the cold air out and heating costs down. It is equally important to consider replacing inefficient windows with energy efficient ones during the warm spring/summer months too, to keep the heat out and electric costs down!

Energy Efficient Windows Keep your Air Conditioned Home Cooler

Quality replacement windows support your air conditioning efforts by keeping the warm air out of your home. This means there is less stress on your air conditioning unit since it will not have to work as hard to maintain the indoor temperature. Older windows often leak which means cool air exits and warm air enters putting stress on your AC unit. Not only will your save money on electric bills, you may extend the life of your AC equipment!

Energy Efficient Windows In and Sun Rays Out

Just as your new replacement windows will help to keep warm air out, they can also help in blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your home. Replacement windows can be installed with selective coatings that effectively block the sun’s rays and help protect your carpet, furniture, woodwork and even your drapes or blinds while still helping to maintain a more constant temperature in your home.

Finally Enjoy Fully Functional Windows

Another great benefit of replacement windows is ridding homeowners of bothersome and costly issues: broken seals, foggy windows, broken locks, leaks and more. Save money on utility bills, save extra wear and tear on heating and air conditioning units, extend the life of your furniture and more!

About Empire Window Company

Empire Window Company has proudly served homeowners in the Cleveland, Akron and NE Ohio area since 1960. Our extensive business volume enables us to offer great prices, as often as 60% less than other major window companies.

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We offer stunning replacement windows to suit any architectural style and our experienced installers are second to none.

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