Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that replacing old windows and doors can have a big impact on your heating and cooling bills.  Old windows have old construction technology, and today’s products are built to stand the test of time! Replacing windows and doors can save you hundreds of dollars each year on heating and cooling bills.

Visual Signs it’s Time to Replace Inefficient Windows

In addition to knowing the age of your windows, there are some visual cues that indicate it may be time to update your home with gorgeous, energy efficient windows.

One of the tell-tale signs is cracked, warped or otherwise damaged frames. This means your windows are degrading and the damage will continue to worsen over time.  Be mindful of issues opening and closing your windows as well! Windows that stick or are difficult to close are due to be replaced.

Fogging and condensation are two additional red flags that indicate it is time to make the call!

Drafts, Chills and Leaks

The difference between old windows and new windows can be seen, and also felt! If your windows are old and have degraded over time, visit a friend or family member that has new windows.  You will soon recognize how much draftier you windows are, or at least have a chill in the air around them. New windows are air tight!

Leaks and or water damage can be another indication it is time since widows should never allow water or ice melt into your home. 

High Energy Bills

Increased heating and cooling costs are hard to ignore. Replace old windows and doors and see an almost immediate reduction in your energy consumption bills! New technologies in window and door design are far more effective than the window technology of a decade ago, and are specifically engineered to keep your home heated or cooled appropriately.

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