6 Fun Exterior Holiday Decorating Ideas

Are you a huge fan of the holidays? Good, so are we! We want to help give you a few tips on how to create a fun look on the outside of your home this year. There are so many great options to choose from, so narrowing down just a few is a challenge, but we think we are up for it. Here goes!

1 – Illuminate That Gorgeous New Siding!

Have you seen those projectors that put a gorgeous picture up on your home? Well, why not use one of those and light up the whole front or side of your house! Your neighbors won’t be able to help but to get in the holiday spirit.

2 – Outline Your Home with Lights

We are going to mention a few types of light because we love them so much. So, why not put the Griswold family to shame and light up your whole home? Or, if you are a bit more of a traditionalist, you can always just opt for some beautiful lights around the entryways and windows of your home, too.

3 – Trim the Entryway of Your Home

Go a little natural this season and use evergreen sprigs all around the entryway of your home. Not only will this look amazing, but it will also smell great any time you open your door or invite someone in!

4 – Who Doesn’t Love Giant Inflatables?

If you want to make a statement, why not go with a giant snow globe or snowman inflatable in your front yard? It shows off some of your personality and it is fun, all at the same time. There are inflatables that cover all holiday beliefs and traditions, so pick one that your family loves and enjoy!

5 – Use Lights to Illuminate Your Way Home

Yes, more lights, but they are just so beautiful. Why not take lights and run them up and down the branches of the trees, bushes, or poles you have surrounding your driveway? That way, you instantly get into the holiday spirit the moment you arrive home each day?

6 – Help Those Stunning New Windows Stand Out

Since you had those stunning new windows installed, you have been looking for a chance to show them off, right? Well, here is your time to shine! Put decorations around the windows to help them pop. You can go with the aforementioned lights, evergreen garlands, wreaths in the middle of each window, or even spray some of the fake snow in the window to help it feel a bit more like winter!

These are just a few fun tips. Let us know which tips you like most and show us how they turned out!