5 Things to Consider Before Replacing your Windows

Replacing the windows on your home will have an incredible and immediate impact! Not only will the exterior of your home look great but you will also change the interior look and improve your view. Here are 5 things to consider before replacing your windows.


Regardless of the window style you select, you will also have to choose the color window trim and any accent pieces. This can be an exciting way to transform your home even further! Changing the frame color can dramatically change the look of your windows and your home.

Style / Function

Onto the type and style of windows! This is the time to make any changes you have been dreaming about! If you’ve considered upgrading from double hung windows to casements or sliders, now is the time. The type of windows you select can have a huge impact on air flow and your view, as well as the look and feel of your home!


As with any investment in your home it’s incredibly important to get great guidance and advice. Our in home evaluation process provides completely transparent information to help you make the best decision for your home and for your budget! Take advantage of great financing incentives and discounts on replacement windows as well!

Cleaning Maintenance

Ease of maintenance or lack thereof, can impact the type of windows that may be best for your home.The majority of windows offered today will be virtually maintenance free, and easy to clean…including even those windows located on higher floors and hard to reach areas!  Take the future into account when you are selecting the best type of windows for your home.


If you’ve been thinking about making a change, now is the time! Replacement windows are custom made, offer a variety of styles and many customers even opt to replace a window with a sliding glass door! Take the time to think through the best plan for your home and move forward accordingly.

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