5 Home Updates that Can Really Pay Off

Whether you plan to sell your home in 2018 or want to make some design upgrades for your own personal enjoyment, it can be difficult to decide what to update first!  We’ve provided 5 home renovation projects that add real value to a home.

Update #1 – Bathrooms

Undeniably, bathrooms are a very important part of any home and play a critical role in a potential home sale. If it has been quite some time since you’ve updated your bathroom – now is the time! Bathroom updates do not have to be extensive or expensive to make an impact.

  • Give your bathroom an instant facelift by painting walls and trim. Take care to repair any imperfections, and re-caulk as you go where necessary.
  • Replace cabinet hardware and fixtures. This can be done at a modest cost and produce great results!
  • Update décor, rugs, window treatments and shower curtains.
  • Deep clean – remove built up grime and scum. Clean grout lines, clean sinks and toilets – give it some elbow grease!
  • If you’re feeling extra motivated, think about updating flooring and shower tile. 

Update # 2 Kitchen

The kitchen is commonly called the heart of a home, and for good reason!  A kitchen is a high traffic area and therefore gets a great deal of visibility.   If you plan to sell your home, your kitchen will likely to be the focal point of any open house. Kitchen renovations can add up quickly, so tackle the easy updates first.

  • Paint walls and/or replace backsplash
  • Update décor, rugs and items on display (canisters, baskets, containers, etc.)
  • Upgrade appliances – Wait for the big sales!
  • Replace light fixtures and cabinet hardware.
  • Reface, paint or replace cabinet doors if they are dated or damaged.
  • Upgrade your sink and/or sink fixtures.
  • Deep clean floor to ceiling. 

Update #3 Replacement Windows

Replacing your inefficient windows with attractive, energy efficient windows will result in a significant return on investment in Northeast Ohio and in most areas of the US. Replacement windows can save homeowners hundreds of dollars annually in heating and cooling costs alone!

Regardless of home type, there is a huge selection of window design options to choose from. Stunning transformation and cost saving is a win-win combination!

  • Call to schedule a free consultation with an Empire sales associate to review available styles and colors.
  • Select windows that enhance natural lighting.
  • Update window dressing and décor.
  • Touch up window trim and sills. 

Update # 4 Exterior Living and Landscape

Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular for many home buyers. Sprucing up your exterior can have a big impact – for you to enjoy now, and for you to highlight if you plan to sell.

  • Simple landscaping updates can make a big impact.
  • Fertilize, water, cut and trim your lawn for a beautiful manicured appearance.
  • Enhance your curb appeal with exterior details like window boxes and entry way décor.
  • Outdoor living – Patios, decks and more.

Update #5 Home Systems

Perhaps the least glamourous update, but arguably one of the most important – Updating your home’s internal systems can play a critical role in a sale and may even be required as terms of a home inspection. Listings will often highlight new furnaces, AC units and electrical updates.

  • Update, replace or service your heating and HVAC systems.
  • Invest in a new hot water tank if age is a factor.
  • Replace your electrical panel, especially if it is not up to code.
  • Add or update ventilation like bathroom fans and range hoods.
  • Replace your sump pump if water-laden issues have been a problem.

Use these tips as your New Year’s resolution checklist whether you plan to sell your home, or select updates that will maximize your enjoyment for years to come.

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